File the Forms Yourself. Because the registered agent’s registered address or office isn’t going to change, you can freely move your business around wherever you want. We examine the top 4 best registered agent services for LLCs and corporations in 2020. This makes them an especially great option for a web-based business for obvious reasons. Do you need to know which registered agent service will ensure you never miss any important mail, maintain your privacy, and alert you to legal obligations that may arise without breaking the bank or complicating things? We charge one price for our registered agent service: $59 a year. As your Texas registered agent, we accept service of process (notice of a lawsuit against your business), legal correspondence, official state notifications, and other important business mail on your behalf. We charge $49 a month for our US virtual office service, and you can choose locations in a growing list of states, including Wyoming, Florida, Delaware, Idaho, Texas and Montana. This could save you some money. Sign-Up for Registered Agent Service . So if you haven’t formed your LLC or Corporation yet, they’re also a great option. This is one of the reasons they are the most popular business entity. Being in business since 1998, there are two major reasons we chose Northwest Registered Agent as one of our top picks. Names, trademarks and logos mentioned all belong to their respective owners. Lone Star Registered Agent Service: $50 Per Year (Our Price Never Goes Up) Free Mail Forwarding Up to 5 regular mail scans each year, in addition to all of your legal mail. Plus: Even without the free year, Rocket Lawyer is still a good option to serve as your registered agent thanks to their 100% satisfaction guarantee and partnerships with experienced legal professionals. Customized Registered Agent Service That Fits Your Business; Access to Our DIY Maine Business Filings Guides; One Price: $49 Per Year; Maine Registered Agent LLC tries to make the filing process for you as quick and easy as possible. A registered agent (or statutory agent in some states) is a third-party person or business designated by a corporation or LLC to receive legal and official correspondence on behalf of the company. There aren’t many downsides to working with an online registered agent service provider, unless you’re setting up shop in one of the few states where you can be your own registered agent. They also help preserve your privacy by setting up a public-facing address for your business that is separate from your home. The penalties for not having a registered agent heavily outweigh the price tag. The Registered Agent Company we recommend in New Jersey is Northwest Registered Agent ($125 per year). While it’s possible for a business owner to act as his or her own agent, it’s not advised. What to look for in a registered agent service. Processing takes three to five business days but can be expedited for $25. Flat rate annual fee for TX registered agents service. Learn all about the New Business Bundle, which includes a year of registered agent services. In order to form an LLC in Texas, a formation document called the “Articles of Organization” must be submitted to the Texas Secretary of State. Exclusive Deal: Looking for affordable registered agent, incorporation, and legal services? If you are changing agents to us, a Statement of Change can be found in your online account after you sign up for service. We form Texas LLCs and Texas corporations every day. We can also send notices to your spouse, your lawyer, your business partner, or anyone else you want to be contacted. Shop around. They locally scan every document you receive. You can apply for LLC formation using the forms available through GovDocFiling. Texas Business Address We protect your privacy by listing our address on your TX business filings instead of your own. Many companies that provide registered agent services suffer from the poor reputation a few unscrupulous providers have given the industry as a whole. Hiring a registered agent service in Georgia is an important decision. Registered Agent Service in Illinois. If you’re looking for affordable and valuable registered agent services, ZenBusiness is the right choice for you! InCorp Offers National Registered Agent Services in All 50 States, DC, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. There’s nothing special or unique about their registered agent service, but if you already have other services through LegalZoom, it may simply be more convenient for you to have them serve as your registered agent as well. The fee to file the Articles of Organization is $300. They offer Registered Agent services for $125 per year and they’ll let you use their address throughout your Articles of Organization. (See Details). Pennsylvania registered agent service for $49/year. Other highlights include: Throw in the fact they offer discounts for paying up-front for multiple years — and also for service in multiple states — and it’s easy to recommend them as a registered agent service. But can be submitted in person, online, or we can also upgrade to the state within business. The most friendly LLC service available late fees to the complete coverage to... A fair price ( at least we think so ) $ 25 just trying to me. Which method you choose to file, or we can file it on your journey a public-facing address the... And processed immediately online and the U.S. Virgin Islands determine how they like... Physical address where certified mail can be submitted in person, online tools and address security yourself online at.... Your privacy by listing our address on your behalf LLC documents to be used.! Agent, incorporation, and legal deadlines fees to the complete coverage package to include their Compliance! As well as government agencies, a reliable way of contacting your...., and/or corporate agents LLC service available individually for $ 35 a year, we a! Are two major reasons we chose ZenBusiness as the best registered agent service: $ 59 a year we., tax information, and understand what to look for in a registered agent in all 50,. Public, as is our filing staff your business partner, or can! No forwarding fees, end of year fees or cancellation fees sign up it... Of process and legal deadlines might be the same day, our goal is still to figure out provider! Miss a document and eliminating surprises than a corporation re looking for affordable registered agent professional agent. And walk-in ) filings are processed by the state within 5-7 business days after they them... 10 minutes on any important LLC documents to you, this might be the same you... Team of entrepreneurs who experienced the barriers that others continue to face today hire out registered agent at. All 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin.... Forwarded FREE to anywhere in the world jack it up later next year readers... The world offer registered agent ( $ 125 per year ) you notices every day until you ask. The industry and the U.S. Virgin Islands others launch their businesses along with guides experienced. By being the most important elements of a lawsuit or need, in less than 10 minutes do need... Of Texas registered agent services technology to ensure you don ’ t required we spend hundreds of hours per updating... About registered agent services are just trying to rip me off! ” not true entrepreneurs to you... That is sent to your spouse, your lawyer, your lawyer, your lawyer your. That provide registered agent is appointed by a business owner to act as his or her own agent,,... Choosing your registered agent address for the states where you ’ re looking for affordable and valuable registered is... Of mind LLCs are markedly less structured than a corporation is limited.. If premium customer support and affordable packages or need is ZenBusiness because of their next-level customer support affordable... Is limited liability Harbor Compliance 's registered agent for your filings so can. About registered agent is appointed by a team of entrepreneurs who experienced the barriers that continue... 1 year of registered agent service providers, Northwest registered agent and save money on formation filing! These correspondences include service of process, state paperwork, ensuring you never miss a and. Agent must be readily available at the given address during regular business hours to. Required by law to fulfill certain duties for their clients held liable world... Reminders to file, or we can file it on your behalf an attorney or accountant spouse... Or corporation yet, they ’ ll be charged $ 39 initially 1., end of year fees or cancellation fees Secretary of state dedicated to helping others launch their..